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About Rochester 100

Rochester 100 Inc. was established in 1962 and began by manufacturing vinyl plastic holders. By 2000, Rochester 100 began research into ultrasonic polypropylene welding machines and developed a patented method for welding polypropylene material. With this patented method, Rochester 100 began manufacturing NICKY’S® Folders as a better quality alternative to paper folders. Rochester 100 continues to manufacture custom vinyl products for a variety of purposes.


Rochester 100 Inc was founded by Nicholas (Nicky) Sfikas in 1962 in Rochester, NY. After many years of experience in other business ventures and as a CPA, Nicky set out to open a manufacturing business for custom vinyl holders. Rochester 100 began with one radio frequency heat sealing machine, one vinyl slitting machine, and only two employees in a 700 sq ft rented loft. The sales for his first products, like bank passbook jackets and shop-work holders, were generated through direct mail advertising.

As business began to grow, Rochester 100 grew their custom tool shop and expanded their operation to include custom vinyl shop envelopes, generally used in manufacturing industries. As technology began to evolve, Rochester 100 developed CD holders in various sizes and styles. We expanded further into various materials such as self-adhesive vinyl and explored other products like tag holders.

In the late 1990s, we began to explore ultrasonic welding technology and polypropylene plastic materials. After over a year of research and development with the new machinery and materials, we began to produce polypropylene folders as a high-quality alternative to paper folders. The patented technology used to seal these folders made them strong, long lasting, and tear-resistant. After sampling schools and receiving strong positive feedback, Nicky created the NICKY’S® Folders line. NICKY’S® Folders are available in a variety of versions, including our most popular the Communicator® folder. We offer 16 different colors and custom imprinting on many of the products. Rochester 100 is a sole source school vendor.

Rochester 100 is now located in a 100,000 sq ft building in Rochester, NY and continues to produce high-quality custom vinyl and polypropylene folders for a variety of customers all over the country.

At 97 years old, Nicky continues to build his business on the values of PRICE, QUALITY, and SERVICE! All our products are made in Rochester, NY, USA

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Sole Source School Vendor, Custom Tool Shop, Custom Sealing Tools, Radio Frequency Heat Sealing Machines
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