Proper Storage for Vinyl and PolyPropylene Products

Proper Temperature & Storage

As temperatures begin to increase, it is crucial to take steps to ensure the protection of the Vinyl (PVC) or PolyPropylene (PP) products you purchased from us. Our in-house handling production, storage, and packaging have been designed to eliminate or minimize potential issues. However, as much as the temperature cannot be predicted or controlled during transport, there are temperature and storage guidelines we recommend to help preserve the quality of these products.

TEMPERATURE: Extreme heat can have detrimental effects on film materials that make up your products, leading to potential damage and deterioration. To safeguard your products from these adverse conditions, we recommend storing them at 65-75 ºF at 50% Relative Humidity, away from direct sunlight and large fluctuations in temperature. Preferably in a temperature-controlled environment.

STORAGE: Store in a dry, clean, and flat surface away from dust and debris. Implementing proper storage techniques and utilizing archival-quality materials can help prolong the lifespan of your products and preserve their quality for years to come. 

Additionally, regularly monitoring the storage conditions and taking preventive measures year-round can mitigate the risks associated with rising temperatures, ultimately safeguarding their longevity.

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